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At Stettler Supply, we understand the critical role that efficient farm pump and irrigation solutions play in maximizing productivity and minimizing resource consumption. We repair existing pumps or install new pumps for homes, farms, ranches, and businesses in Salem, Oregon, and the greater Willamette Valley.

Our comprehensive range of pump services and products is designed to meet diverse needs while prioritizing efficiency and reliability.

Pump Services

Agricultural Pump Services

These pumps are ideal for deep well applications, providing reliable water supply for a variety of agricultural and commercial irrigation pump operations.

Designed for high-volume water transfer in large-scale irrigation systems, ensuring consistent performance and efficiency throughout the growing season. 

This is a versatile pump solution suitable for various agricultural tasks, from irrigation to water distribution.

Precision control systems optimized for agricultural pump operations, maximizing efficiency and performance.

Advanced drive systems that regulate pump speed to match varying demand, reducing energy consumption and extending equipment lifespan. 

An essential component for maintaining water quality and protecting pumps from damage caused by debris and contaminants. These are especially important if you have consistently poor water quality.

Residential Pump Services

Reliable water supply solutions for residential wells, delivering clean water for household use and small hobby farms.

Efficient pumps suitable for shallow well applications, providing consistent water pressure for residential properties. 

A versatile pump capable of lifting water from deep wells, ensuring reliable water supply for homes located in areas with deeper water tables.

Essential for protecting basements and crawl spaces from flooding, offering peace of mind during heavy rainfall or groundwater infiltration - something Oregon residents are at a high risk of every Fall and Winter.

Comprehensive systems designed to improve water quality by removing impurities and contaminants, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.

Reliable pumps for handling wastewater and sewage, essential for maintaining sanitation and hygiene in residential properties, farms, and dairies.

Pump Testing 

Accurate measurement of pump flow rates to assess pump performance and efficiency as well as water levels.

Evaluation of well performance through controlled pumping tests, ensuring optimal water extraction and accurate pump needs assessment. 

This is an assessment of groundwater levels to determine well efficiency and capacity.

Comprehensive water quality testing to identify potential contaminants and ensure water safety.

Convenient testing facilities for assessing the performance and reliability of domestic pumps at our own store. Visit us.

Evaluation of pump performance in sandy conditions, ensuring pump suitability relative to specific environments.


Pump Fabrication 

Tailored fabrication services for pump discharge systems, optimizing performance and efficiency for your water system.

Precision fabrication of piping systems for seamless integration with a variety of pump installations.

Expert threading services for pipes of various sizes, ensuring secure connections and leak-free operation for irrigation systems, both residential or commercial.

Advanced grooving techniques for enhanced pipe joint integrity and durability.

High-quality pressing services for aluminum pipes, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Pumps and Pump Products


Reliable submersible pumps suitable for various applications, from residential wells to ag irrigation systems.

High-performance turbine pumps for efficient water transfer and distribution in both agricultural and industrial settings.

Versatile centrifugal pumps capable of handling diverse fluid types and operating conditions.

Efficient jet pumps for shallow and deep well applications, providing reliable water supply for residential and agricultural use.

Powerful engine-driven pumps for remote and mobile water transfer applications.

Sustainable solar-powered pumps for off-grid and environmentally friendly water pumping solutions.


Robust pumps designed for handling wastewater and dewatering applications, ensuring efficient drainage and sanitation.

Electrical Products

High-quality electrical panels for controlling and monitoring pump operations, ensuring safety and efficiency for your irrigation systems.

Advanced drive systems for regulating pump speed and optimizing energy consumption.

Comprehensive control systems for managing pump functions and maintaining overall system performance.

We can supply essential electrical components for pump installations, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Innovative wireless solutions for remote monitoring and control of pump systems, enhancing convenience and accessibility for easy access on the go.

Protective devices and systems for safeguarding pumps and electrical equipment from damage and malfunction.

Valves & Meters

Precision reducing valves for controlling fluid pressure and flow rates in pump systems.

Reliable altitude and level control valves for maintaining water levels in tanks and reservoirs in your irrigation systems.

Automatic sustaining and relief valves for preventing pressure build-up and ensuring general system safety.

Accurate flow meters for monitoring and optimizing water usage and distribution.

Manual lever and wheel-operated valves for manual control of fluid flow and pressure.

Essential backflow prevention and check valves for preventing reverse flow and contamination in pump systems.

Filters & Screens

Efficient screen and disc filters for removing debris and contaminants from water sources, ensuring clean and reliable water supply during irrigation.

Innovative spin-down filters for removing sediment and particulate matter from water, protecting pumps and downstream equipment.

Advanced media filters for removing impurities and improving water quality in residential and agricultural applications.

High-capacity suction filters for protecting pump intake systems from clogging and damage.

Automatic self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration without manual intervention, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimal maintenance.

Tanks & Reservoirs

Durable steel tanks for storing water and other fluids in residential, agricultural, and industrial settings.

High-strength fibrewound tanks for reliable storage of potable water, chemicals, and other fluids.

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks for versatile fluid storage applications.

Robust concrete reservoirs for long-term storage of water and other liquids, designed for durability and stability.

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At Stettler Supply, we are committed to delivering innovative pump solutions and products that optimize efficiency, reliability, and performance. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can design a pump system to fit your unique irrigation needs.
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