Employee Highlight: Benjamin Meyer, Irrigation Service Technician

Benjamin Meyer Irrigation Service Technician

As a child, farming and agriculture surrounded Benjamin Meyer in more ways than one. “I grew up in Kansas, where both my father and brother work in the irrigation industry,” he shares. “Over the years, I have assisted on some level and watched their passion and skills bring success for the customer, the company, and themselves.” Despite his upbringing, Ben’s own journey into the irrigation industry took a little more time.

A Love for Problem-Solving

Today, Ben spends his time in the fields of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, fixing irrigation systems and ensuring effective water distribution for our customers — but his early career focused on the sky. “I had been in the aviation industry for seven years,” he says. Ben spent the first few years of his professional life in the United States Air Force, learning critical skills such as discipline, integrity, and attention to detail. His day-to-day job as a helicopter engine overhaul technician involved boiling a system down to its parts, learning how each component cooperated to produce a functional machine. “In aviation, I developed a love for problem-solving and returning things to service, not just replacing them.”

What Ben didn’t realize then was that this early profession would prepare him for a future career in irrigation. “While my background is not in the trades that are utilized at Stettler Supply… bringing this skillset and mentality to the irrigation industry is what makes me a good fit for the role, saving the customer and the company time and materials to accurately and efficiently solve problems.”

Transitioning to Irrigation

Ben officially joined our team in August of 2023 as a service technician. His daily job involves working directly with customers to resolve their water issues. This includes troubleshooting, testing, servicing, repairing, and installing new water systems. “There is a lot of variety in what my day might include,” Ben explains. “As a service technician, I am the face of the company, dealing directly with the customer. I love solving problems, learning more every day, and successfully meeting the customers’ needs.”

It’s no surprise that our commitment to serving customers well is one of the qualities that initially attracted Ben to the company, but it’s our treatment of employees that ultimately sealed the deal. “What finally won me over was the way that Stettler has in the past and continues to take care of their employees in ways above and beyond the salary,” he says. “As the company changes hands with new leadership, there is a constant stream of changes and challenges. Working together to build a better place for us all has been enjoyable.”

An Industry Marked by Innovation

As Ben acclimates to a new company and a new industry, he’s enjoyed learning from the team’s expertise and appreciated the backing of management to improve his skills and education. The agriculture and irrigation industries are experiencing shifts towards sustainability and advancements in technology that require constant innovation. Fortunately for Ben, problem solving and customer service remain perks of the job. “There is a need for effective water distribution here in the valley, and many farmers are realizing the crucial role that irrigation will play in the environment we find ourselves in today,” says Ben. “I am excited to be a part of the team, bringing technology and expertise to solve the problems as they arise.”


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