Stettler Supply Team Offers Tailored Solutions for Oregon Dairy Farmers

Oregon dairy farmers

On March 4-5, 2024, members of the Stettler Supply team attended the Oregon Dairy Farmers Convention in Salem. We connected with local farmers and industry experts and listened as they shared information about their needs and exchanged ideas for improvement.

At Stettler Supply, we recognize the necessity for innovative irrigation solutions in the dairy industry, as these farms require a sizable amount of water to maintain daily operations. Our team is equipped to provide dairy farmers in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley with customized expertise, services, and equipment to help them identify and implement efficient water management practices. As our customers optimize their operations and minimize water waste, they also reap benefits such as increased crop yields and reduced costs.

Dairy Farms and Water Usage

Irrigation is an essential component of any successful farm. However, dairy farms require a substantial amount of water, making the proper equipment and technology of the utmost importance. Dairy farms not only use water to sustain their crops and hydrate their livestock, but also to clean equipment and facilities, cool cows and their milk, and more. Additionally, dairy farms use irrigation to move manure and fertilize their crops, which requires specialized equipment.

Selecting the right irrigation system and adopting sustainable practices can help Oregon dairy farmers conserve natural resources and save energy and money.

Water Consumption Solutions for Dairy Farms

Our team at Stettler Supply has the expertise to provide dairy farms with the appropriate irrigation system for their unique needs. Here are some of the many solutions we can offer dairy farmers:

  • Implement rainwater harvesting tactics: While dairy farms do require a significant amount of water to maintain operations, there are ways to use the water efficiently. For instance, farmers can collect rainwater to cool milk and repurpose that same water to irrigate crops.
  • Install precision technology to monitor water usage: Modern irrigation technology allows farmers to monitor their crop’s water consumption with tools like soil sensors. This equipment helps dairy farmers avoid water waste by measuring soil conditions and only distributing the water necessary for a particular crop or use.
  • Educate farmers on new equipment: The agriculture and irrigation industries are innovating every year, which means there are always new ways to improve efficiency. In 2024, our team added the 360 Rain unit to our inventory, which delivers water directly to the base of a plant, thereby minimizing runoff and waste. The 360 Rain unit can also apply in-season dairy manure waste to forage crops and row crops.
  • Provide consistent maintenance and repair: With so much water traveling throughout a dairy farm, there is more potential for leaks and system failures. Our team can evaluate irrigation equipment and install meters to locate weak connections and areas for improvement or repair.
  • Introduce potential funding opportunities: The Stettler Supply team has established relationships with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Oregon Energy Trust to help farmers access funds for irrigation system improvements.

How Oregon Dairy Farmers Benefit From Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation-efficient systems are directly tied to the success of dairy farms. The Stettler Supply team is equipped to support dairy farmers with tailored irrigation solutions, providing technology and education to help them minimize water waste and increase profitability. By collaborating with local dairy farmers, we can pave the way for multiple benefits, such as increased crop yield, improved health of dairy herds, enhanced milk production, and more.

If you or someone you know could benefit from updated irrigation equipment or strategies to improve your dairy farm’s water management practices, please contact our team. We look forward to making more connections with Oregon dairy farmers like you and supporting the future success and vitality of your business!


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