Connecting with the Heart of Agriculture: Willamette Valley Ag Events

Willamette Valley Ag Events

As we celebrate another successful year at various agricultural shows and conventions, Stettler Supply is proud to reaffirm our commitment. We strive to lead in the agricultural industry, serving as providers and active community members.

Our presence at these events serves two purposes: strengthening relationships with our existing customers and understanding firsthand the evolving needs of Willamette Valley farmers. This year, we focused heavily on hearing from the farmers themselves, learning what they expect from service providers and how we can better address their irrigation needs.

Spotlight on Innovation: Rain 360

A highlight of our participation has been the introduction and promotion of Rain 360, our latest product offering a design that revolutionizes irrigation practices. Rain 360 comes equipped with the latest technology to ensure water efficiency and automation, key trends that are shaping the future of agriculture.

Insights from the Field

Throughout the year, we’ve kept an eye on emerging trends and innovations. Attending these shows helps us see what other companies are doing and think about how we can incorporate new solutions into our offerings. The push toward automation and enhanced water efficiency confirms that we are on the right track with our current initiatives.

Local Event Highlights

Oregon Blueberry Conference

At the local annual blueberry conference, we engaged with growers who are in the midst of significant transitions, either expanding their acreage or upgrading their systems. Our services, including RTK GPS field berming and comprehensive system installations, were at the forefront.

Nut Growers Society

The Nut Growers Society provided a platform to celebrate the resilience and hard work of our hazelnut growers, especially with the recent market rebound providing a boost to the industry.

Annual American Hop Convention

Sending Eli Garrido to the Annual American Hop Convention in Frisco, Texas, was particularly fruitful. As Oregon is a key player in the hop industry, Eli’s discussions with local growers were invaluable in strengthening our ties and understanding their specific needs.

Willamette Valley Ag Expo

The Willamette Valley Ag Expo is the largest agricultural industry expo in the Pacific Northwest, and it offered us more than networking. This event showcased cutting-edge solutions where we could also share our advancements and learn from the best.

Oregon Dairy Farmers Convention

At the Oregon Dairy Farmers Convention in Salem, we engaged with local farmers and industry experts, gaining valuable insights as they shared their needs and discussed innovative ideas for improvements in dairy farming practices.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on these experiences, we are grateful for the wealth of knowledge and connections gained. We remain dedicated to our mission of delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of Willamette Valley farmers and beyond. We eagerly anticipate upcoming events and the opportunities they will bring.

As we continue to grow and adapt, your feedback is invaluable to us. We invite all our partners and customers to share their thoughts and suggestions as we plan for more exciting things to come.


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