Smart Farming: Water Management Utilizing Automation

In the world of agriculture, where the weather isn’t always a reliable ally, innovative technologies are an advantage for resourceful farmers. Irrigation systems were initially created to overcome water scarcity and optimize crop yields, but these systems have struggled with water waste and imprecision. As we move into the age of smart farming with devices […]
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Stettler Supply Welcomes New Owners Taylor Meyer and Nolan Grimm

On April 17, 2023, we welcomed new owners to the team, Taylor Meyer and Nolan Grimm of Ag Water Technologies (AWT). Taylor and Nolan purchased Stettler Supply Company, because they believed AWT and Stettler Supply would mutually benefit one another. After more than 70 years in the agricultural industry, Stettler Supply possesses an established reputation […]
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Irrigation for High-Yield Harvests: Best Practices in the Pacific Northwest Summer

With a unique blend of dry spells, occasional rainfall and heatwaves, the Pacific Northwest summer demands a delicate balance of irrigation techniques to sustain crop vitality. Local farmers know that it’s important to prioritize water conservation, maintenance and seamless water flow during this critical harvesting period. That’s why we’re here to share practical tips to […]
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Enhancing Crop Growth: A Farmer’s Guide to Agricultural Irrigation

At Stettler Supply, we’re your go-to source for all things agriculture. That includes answering a few tough questions, like what makes irrigation so essential here in the Pacific Northwest, and how can companies like ours lend a helping hand? We’re diving deep today into the wonderful world of agricultural irrigation. What is Agricultural Irrigation? Let’s […]
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