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Willamette Valley Ag Events

Connecting with the Heart of Agriculture: Willamette Valley Ag Events

As we celebrate another successful year at various agricultural shows and conventions, Stettler Supply is proud to reaffirm our commitment. We strive to lead in the agricultural industry, serving as providers and active community members. Our presence at these events serves two purposes: strengthening relationships with our existing customers and understanding firsthand the evolving needs […]
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Oregon dairy farmers

Stettler Supply Team Offers Tailored Solutions for Oregon Dairy Farmers

On March 4-5, 2024, members of the Stettler Supply team attended the Oregon Dairy Farmers Convention in Salem. We connected with local farmers and industry experts and listened as they shared information about their needs and exchanged ideas for improvement. At Stettler Supply, we recognize the necessity for innovative irrigation solutions in the dairy industry, […]
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environmental conservation

NRCS’s Les Bachelor Concludes a 24-Year Career in Environmental Conservation

Les Bachelor, District Conservationist for the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), is well-known among Willamette Valley farmers, and for good reason. He’s spent nearly a quarter of a century serving ranchers and landowners in Oregon, helping them identify natural resource concerns and apply environmental conservation measures. As Les prepares to retire in 2024, we at […]
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A Year of Growth: Celebrating Our Commitment to Willamette Valley Farmers

A Year of Growth: Celebrating Our Commitment to Willamette Valley Farmers

As we celebrate our first full year here at Stettler Supply, we want to take a moment to pause, evaluate, and share our experiences. From streamlining operations to enhancing our product offerings and deepening customer relationships, it’s been a year of significant change, growth, and learning. Here’s a bit of the story. This year has […]
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sustainable water management

Sustainable Water Management Solutions for Farmers Facing Water Quantity Issues

Despite the Pacific Northwest’s reputation for frequent rainfall, farmers in Oregon’s Marion County have struggled in the last two decades due to drought. In fact, Les Bachelor, district conservationist with the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), says the #1 resource concern in Marion County since 2000 has been water quantity, followed by water quality, and […]
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Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

The Undeniable Value of Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

At first glance, the Pacific Northwest, with its green landscapes and generous rainfall, seems an unlikely candidate for conversations around irrigation necessity. It’s a region where the idea of water scarcity can feel foreign to many. Yet, as seasoned farmers well know, abundant rainfall does not negate the need for strategic irrigation solutions that are […]
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